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How can I merge C# with popular social Web Services?

Nowadays we can create distributed systems using Web Services. A Web Service is an applicative logic unit that we can access using internet standard protocols. With these services we can create applications that are able to connect with servers in the web and allowing us to obtain information from them.

C# uses SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) as a communication protocol for interacting with different servers through Web Services.

Social Networks like Twitter or Facebook offer Web Services with methods that allow us interact with the information we got from them, these methods are included in the Application Programming interface (API) of each Social Network. To be able to communicate with these API’s we need to download and install the necessary libraries, this way C# will communicate transparently with these Web Services.

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To be or not to be …

Seriously, how could anyone live with him/herself if he/she does not knows the answers to the following fundamental life questions:

  • Is there any room left for Yet Another Twitter Applicattion (YATA) ?
  • Have to work remotely? I present you my friends Yuuguu + dropbox + Skype.
  • How can I get the most functionality of a book-shaped interface?
  • How can I merge C# with popular social Web Services? ( dammit, this question still wakes me up at night with terror)
  • Hey, I want to pod (shorten) my urls using C#, can I ?

Well mate, fret not, all of these questions will be answered here, shortly, and we assure you, you will be able to sleep easy again 🙂


Tweetbook Project

The current project we’re working on is code-named “Tweetbook”. It’s main objective is to create a .NET C# based desktop client that can handle  a user’s both Twitter and Facebook status.

The project objectives are

  • To  create one app that manages two popular Web Services.
  • Ability to handle multiple Twitter accounts per user.
  • Made using C# , based on Microsoft’s .NET framework.
  • Be a research project and generate knowledge about how to work with these services using MSFT technologies.
  • Create a lightweight, usable application.
  • Create an innovative GUI (Graphical User Interface) that forests a unique and efficient User Experience.
  • The application will contain a custom set of features based on the  most popular ones from current Twitter and Facebook applications, plus a couple of surprises 😉

Why are we doing this?

  • Create a unique software offering that meets the needs of most Twitter and Facebook users.
  • Learn about MSFT technologies and Web Services.
  • Have fun 😉