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Have to work remotely? I present you my friends Yuuguu + dropbox + Skype.

Work together remotely could be one the worst nightmare because we quickly think use an instant messenger with plain text to communicate with our colleagues and that could result boring and difficult for work. This is the point when you start to look for some alternatives, and here are our selections:

Yuuguu is an application than use some features of Skype and add one very important the possibility to share the screen with more than one user.

Dropbox an storage application and service that give 2GB of free on-line space, this space can increase free by referring your friends or u can pay a small amount for it.

Finally Skype a very popular and common application this days, is a software application that allow us to make calls over the Internet, the important feature for us is conference calls.

The most important thing is that all that software has a free edition and works really good for small groups.




Is there any room left for Yet Another Twitter Application (YATA) ?



Of course there’s room for another Twitter Application because we are developing an application that try to combine the most popular features that already exists. Moreover we will add new features to this awesome application besides that we will try to offer a good looking interface to this application.

Another interesting thing is that we will add Facebook update status support in order to have just one app to manage both status.

Finally we can say that Tweetbook project is not just another Twitter app, this would be a killer app to update your status and also have the best features that already exists, so stay in touch with this blog, and learn more about C# and also in a few days you will be able to download this app and then you will know that this is what you’re looking for.


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Say Hello and welcome…

Hi everyone, and welcome to this project site. We hope you enjoy the adventure from here like we do. We are working very hard in our fist project, the facebook+ twitter desktop application and we let you know from here about us and our development.

Stay close…